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Counseling Services

To schedule an appointment or to ask a question about

Catholic Charities Counseling Services,

contact the Oneida office by calling:

(315) 363-5274  

Considering when or whether to speak with someone about a personal matter can be daunting. Finding a suitable ‘fit’ with a professional may even seem to be another distressing barrier in a search for a confidential relationship that is both professional and uniquely personal. 

Worrisome emotional and behavioral concerns can become persistent and begin to cast a shadow on everyday life. Over time and without assistance, difficulties may worsen, become more complex, or even become overwhelming.

In the years since our services have been available, countless individuals, couples, and families representing the

diverse spectrum of our community and beyond have worked in confidential partnership with our professional staff. Working together has been a vital ingredient for achieving improvements in coping with challenges encountered in

daily living. 

People have sought out Catholic Charities Counseling services for assistance in improving their management of anxious or stressful feelings, anger and aggression, parenting matters, grief, depression, substance and alcohol related difficulties, relationship communication and disruption, and countless other concerns that may affect anyone. 

While most people who use Catholic Charities Counseling services do not prefer or need additional specialized clinical care, our staff will work with you to facilitate a referral to another provider or service when this is appropriate.

During an initial appointment in our Oneida office, you will meet with a qualified and knowledgeable person to assist you in identifying realistic goals and expectations, as well as to discuss how the goals may be accomplished. Our staff is professional, respectful, and dedicated to safeguarding the confidential nature of our partnership with you. 

In addition to our service being supported by many insurance carriers, funding is also provided by the United Way, the Hope Appeal, and by direct service fees. 


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